2 Thessalonians is a fascinating short letter that provides us with some key insights into life now!  Have a listen!

Our Christian Cures series including celebrating our 6th Birthday as a Church here in Mackay!  Over 3 weeks we looked at what God has to say about the different cures for Affluenza, Busyness and Anxiety.  It was a great series!

In Term 2 we went sequentially through the book of Job.  This book is so rich and really enriched all of our lives as we had our theology of suffering refined.  Praise God that he gives us all that we need to get through life!!

Looking at the Gospel of Luke we learnt more of what it means to be on Team Jesus!!

Going through the first 9 chapters of 1 Corinthians left us hungry to hear more!!  We can’t wait to finish this meaty book in 2017!!