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Knowing a little about me might give some context to the posts. I’m a GP registrar with a slight obsession for education and efficiency. My first foray into education (quite by accident) was as a primary school teacher for 6 months. I loved it. I got into medical school and supported myself initially teaching first aid. In an effort to maximise my time, I “flipped the classroom” (I didn’t know it had a technical term back in 2008) by developing an online learning module followed by an scenario based face to face course. I taught myself administering moodle, programming php and a whole host of invaluable tech skills during this time. I am proficient in none of them and know just enough to be quite dangerous. I had actually had an IT job which lasted 2 days before I was fired. Luckily I am far more proficient in the healing arts. Since then I have been playing with a project which has been known by many name in its different phases. Its currently called Ward Tips. I don’t think I have quite figured out what its supposed to do, but I really want whatever it does to help me one day be an awesome doctor.

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