Just a little bit crazy ;-)

We got a mention in a Sola Panel article about the Geneva Push.  We can definitely vouch for all the benefits mentioned of having been through the church planter assessment process.  If you think God would have you plant a new church, why not make the most this great resource!

The Road Ahead – part 1

As we look ahead to what Mackay Evangelical Church could become under God’s hand, ‘the vibe’ we are aiming for is to be a vibrant, growing and Bible-teaching church.  Over the next three posts I hope to explain this vision with broad brush strokes.  First off, we want to be a Bible-teaching church: The foundation … Continue reading The Road Ahead – part 1


God willing this site will allow you to follow the development of a new church plant in Mackay, Qld.  Stay posted for more details…