Important COVID 19 Update Tumultuous Times and Exciting Opportunities

The continued spread of COVID 19 around the world including Australia and protection measures introduced by the Australian government limiting indoor public gatherings to 100 people means that we need to act as a church.

We want to honour the government in obedience to Christ (Romans 13:1), love our broader community in Mackay, while also continuing to see the word of Christ spread in our own hearts and the hearts many others in our town.

This Sunday we are thinking about the church, and it struck me that the passage we will be looking at in Ephesians 5:25-26 speaks of Christ giving himself for his bride the church, ‘cleansing her by the washing with water through the word’.  The way Christ gives himself, his body, is that he gives each of us to one another with words from Christ that cleanse us in a way that no hand washing will ever do.  We need to be very clear that the great crisis currently occuring is not the spread of COVID-19, but the continued threat of sin in turning us from God and the worship of him as our maker, creator and sustainer.

So here’s our plan.  As of this Sunday 22nd of March we will be offering our public Sunday services via live stream and cancelling our regular public gathering at Fitzgerald State School Hall.  There will be a small group of volunteers present as an audience, while we encourage everyone else who is able to access the service via live stream.  For those few people who are not able to access technology and have no cold or flu symptoms, please feel free to come along to the hall for the service at the normal time of 9:30am.

Note: the service will be run in a way that will be accessible for children as well, including a children’s talk as part of the service.

Accessing MAKE Church Sunday Service Live Stream – 9:30am Sunday 22nd March
We will be using a platform called Zoom for our live stream.

You could download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.
Weekly here

Or join the Zoom Meeting directly at the following link (we’d encourage you to try to join the meeting 10 minutes early, 9:20am on the Sunday morning.  Especially if you have never used Zoom before, you will be prompted to download the program before you can access the live stream.

You can access the meeting direct from the Zoom App using Meeting ID: 635 500 549

You can also dial in using your location.
        +61 8 7150 1149 Australia
        +61 2 8015 6011 Australia
        +61 3 7018 2005 Australia
Meeting ID: 635 500 549

We will also be live streaming the service directly to facebook here, and we hope to be able to record the service and upload it after the event to youtube here.

Please, if you have questions, feel free to call Jai on 0429 852 949 or reply to this email.

We believe that though these are challenging times, they do not need to be times where we give up on living for our God through Christ.

Many people in our community have had their basic assumptions about life shaken.  With compassion, let’s hold out the hope of Christ.  Why not right click and download the above flyer and distribute in your workplace/ street/ hospital/ doctors surgery (it is designed to be printed 2 per A4 page)?

At this stage our Bible study groups will continue, in different formats, depending on the groups.  We want to encourage you to continue meeting where your health allows.  Also please try make an extra effort to be in contact with your group members.  If you are not connected with a MAKE Bible Study group and you would like to be, please reply email.

Finally, let’s pray. Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone God used a virus spreading like wild fire, to be the context for the contagious setting of many hearts on fire for Jesus.  Please Lord do it.

God bless,
for MAKE church