Jesus- Humble Beginnings

The year started with Jesus’ story in Luke, and coursed through his humble beginning right through to empowering people.

The back story behind someone matters. It goes a long way to establishing trust. Luke’s explicit purpose in writing about the detail to the back story of Jesus is stated in Chapter 1 to provide certainty to what you have heard about the Gospel.

Starting with arrival of John the Baptist, coming in the Spirit of Elijah to make prepare and make ready a people for the Messiah, Luke traces the foretelling of the coming of Jesus. We start with the angel speaking to Zechariah (John’s father), quoting from the Book of Malachi, Gabriel speaking to Mary, Elizabeth speaking in the power of the Spirit when Mary visits her right through the angels speaking to the shepherds telling them of the arrival of the Messiah. From the foretelling in Chapter 1, Chapter 2 moves on to tell the story of Simeon and Anna confirming that this child is the Messiah. Here is the One who will bring Salvation, Life and Glory into this world. Finally in Chapter 3 we have God himself speaking from heaven at Jesus’ baptism confirming that this is God’s Son.

We are going to see Jesus engaging with the sick, poor, bereaved as well as those who are rich showing them their need for God. Can we trust Jesus as God? Luke in these first chapters says Yes! Further, going forward, Jesus is going to continue to prove this by his actions. How can we not be certain that what has been recorded about Jesus is true.