Jesus – Humble Beginnings

Why was Luke written?

Today we started with our series in Luke and over the next few weeks we’ll be looking into Jesus and his humble beginnings.

In the sermon, the question was asked whether it was possible to ascertain the intentions of an author.  Luke is upfront with us from the first four verses- while he himself was not the first to write about Jesus nor was he necessarily an eyewitness, he has taken the time to compile his carefully detailed research from eye witness accounts into an orderly book.

Luke then goes about structuring his work both chronologically, geographically and theologically. In terms of geography, Luke divides the book into sections covering Jesus preaching in Galilee, his journey to Jerusalem and then finally detailing the actual events while in Jerusalem. In terms of theology Luke starts off flagging promises made in the Old Testament and then goes on to show their fulfillment at the end of the book.

Finally Luke concludes that his reason for writing is that the reader may have certainty about the things that have been taught regarding Jesus. This term, take the time to dig in and investigate what Luke has to say about Jesus. If you have not looked into Jesus before, this is an opportunity to do so. Dig into the account with us and critically examine the message of Jesus. It is a radical message that will have implications for how you live your life. If you already believe in Jesus, but have doubts or concerns about the Bible or its message, then this is your opportunity to allow God to show you, through what Luke has written, to be convinced and certain about God’s goodness and His plan for us through sending Jesus.