Jai Wright

Jai and his wife Jay-Ellen moved to Mackay at the start of 2011 to gather together that small group and have really enjoyed getting to know the place and the people!  Jai and Jay have a vision for starting new churches and a love for country Queensland which goes hand in hand with a strong desire to share the good news of Jesus.  Jai did 2 years of full time ministry training at UniChurch Qld(Brisbane) and then spent four years in Sydney where he studied at Moore Theological College completing a Bachelor of Divinity.  During this time Jay-Ellen invested in their three young children, Amber, Ebony and Kade and sought to see their family thrive!  They have seen God’s hand building this church in so many ways and are super excited to be in Mackay sharing God’s love ultimately seen in Jesus!  We encourage you to come and join us each week as we seek to be a vibrant and growing, Bible-teaching church.