The Apocalypse


The book of Revelation is filled with strange visions of God, fantastic creatures, Satan and various events that will happen in the future.  It’s a book that generates much excitement and attention from some, while having the opposite affect on others who just try and stay away from it.

This term at MAKE we’re going to be tackling Revelation both in our Bible Study groups during the week and at our Sunday Services.  The series is called the Apocalypse, a word which like the book of Revelation, tends to bring all sorts of images and associations to mind.  Maybe thoughts of the different types of Apocalypse we’ve seen in movies or on tv – zombie apocalypse, economic apocalypse, environment apocalypse, alien apocalypse or some other war type apocalypse scenario.

Actually Apocalypse just means ‘to reveal’.  Hence the picture of a curtain being drawn back above.  That’s what the book of Revelation is doing, it pulls back the curtain and reveals to us the spiritual realities that we can’t see with our physical eyes, that we might know what’s actually going on now, where this world is headed and what hope we have in the meantime.  Fundamentally, the book reveals to us Jesus and his central place now and in the future.

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