Jealous God – Exodus Series

This year at MAKE we’re wanting Open Eyes, Open Hearts, Open Mouths.  We’re wanting to move beyond just tacking God on to an otherwise self-sufficient life, but instead treasuring God above all else.  Sometimes we can have this view of God as fairly dispassionate and cold, that feeds our lack of openness and enthusiasm towards Him and others.  Yet in the book of Exodus we have a crucial point in history of God’s revelation of himself.  He reveals his name.  He reveals his actions towards his people in rescuing them from slavery.  He reveals what it will look like to live as His people.  And He shows that He is far from dispassionate and cold.  In fact, in Exodus 34:14 towards the end of the book we’re told of ‘the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God’.  He wants us to know Him.  During the first term this year, we’ll be working our way through the first section of the book of Exodus seeking to know this God.  We’d love to have you along.  4pm Sundays, Fitzgerald State School Hall, Norris Rd, North Mackay.

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