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Here we are once again – the Silly Season. It’s useless trivia, but the term ‘Silly Season’ was first coined in the UK where the summer months fell over August and September when the parliament was on recess – news was slow and all sorts of ‘silly’ stories made it in. However, in Australia, where summer falls over Christmas and New Year, a different meaning for the phrase has developed over time. It’s a time of more social engagements, when more alcohol and food is consumed, and so it’s the silly season.

But you could argue that it’s not just a few beers around a BBQ that makes this the Silly Season. It’s also a time of year when expectations can tend to run a bit out of control. All year round we’re bombarded with advertisers telling us ‘we’re worth it’ and to ‘treat ourselves’, and at this time of year we can tend to take those calls to heart and let ourselves go a bit. It can become a time of heightened expectations and yet a time of less genuine happiness.

When Jesus came to earth, God as a tiny and vulnerable baby, there is a sense that he created his own silly season. People realised that here was someone special and they wanted part of the action. Yet Jesus didn’t always meet people’s expectations. Those who expected much from Him were sidelined, while those who had grown to expect nothing much at all from life were pleasantly surprised. Jesus said, ‘I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners’ (Mark 2:17 NIV). For those who knew they were not ‘worth it’, Jesus came and offered them forgiveness and eternal life. While those who just assumed they deserved whatever they wanted in life, were left pondering what their true fate might actually be. Can I urge you this Silly Season, to let go of your expectations and to come to the one who is calling you to something far greater – true life with Him for all eternity. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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