Work Songs

Sometimes we can feel that there is a gap between our life at church on a Sunday and our work life as it begins Monday morning. We can feel ill-equipped to ‘take God to work’ or to live out the realisation that he’s already there. So we are left floating along following the cultural attitudes to work that surround us for forty or more hours a week. In our new ‘Work Songs’ series, we’ll be using selected Psalms over six weeks, to consider what the Bible teaches us about work. To think about how the Lord Jesus ought to shape our life at work. We’d love you to join us, 4pm Sundays at Fitzgerald State School hall.

Note: Sunday 19th Oct – service is at 4:30pm, Sunday 26th Oct – regular service is cancelled as we are on church camp, Sunday 2nd Nov – service is at 4:30pm

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