Jesus' Last Words

Jesus Last Words

In the second half of John‘s gospel there is an amazing section of Jesus’ teaching where we get to sit in on His final words and prayers to His closest disciples.  He speaks of things which His disciples struggled to understand at the time, but which give us an unparalleled insight into what Jesus was about to do by dying on a roman cross and then being raised to new life.  He speaks deeply of God and who He is and what He is like.

At MAKE we’ve been working our way through this section of Jesus teaching in a five week series.  We’d love to have you join us!  4pm, Fitzgerald State School Hall, Norris Rd, North Mackay.  The service runs for just over an hour and not only will there be teaching from the Bible, but heart-felt singing of God’s praises, prayer and the opportunity to get to know a great bunch of people 🙂


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