Current Series: Jeremiah – Demolition and Restoration

jeremiah seriesRenovation is all the rage at the moment.  The Block is about to start a new season, Mackay itself is about to get a Masters Home Improvement store and the reality is, if you are a home owner, you either renovate or it will eventually catch up with you.

But the thing is our lives need a bit of renovation as well.  There are great things about us and how God has made us, but also things about us that are not so great.  We come into seasons of our lives where we see parts of ourselves that we thought never existed.  Attitudes towards others that are shameful, actions that betray our principles and desires that control us more than we would like.

Jeremiah (the Prophet) in his own day, prophesied that God was about to do some renovation work of his own.  God says to Jeremiah, ‘See, I have appointed you today over nations and kingdoms, to uproot and tear down, to destroy and demolish, to build and to plant’ (Jer 1:10).

The great news is that in the end, Jesus himself was demolished in our place.  As he hung on the cross, he experienced what we deserved and needed: to be uprooted, torn down and destroyed.  Now God is building and planting a new people, and we too can be part of that people as we receive Jesus as the one who experienced the pain of renovation for us.

This term at MAKE we’re working through the book of Jeremiah, in fact, we’re a few chapters into the book now.  Why not come along and hear Jeremiah’s words about renovation and consider further the one who experienced that renovation for us?  Cause just like our houses, you either renovate or it will eventually catch up with you.

MAKE meets – 4pm Sundays, Fitzgerald State School Hall, Norris Road, Mount Pleasant.

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