On a Mission

acts 15-20We’re starting the year off, back in the New Testament book of Acts. In our sermons on Sundays we’re planning to get through chapters 15 to 20 this term. It’s an awesome book, lots of exciting stuff.

This week we’ll be recapping what’s happened in the book so far and one thing is clear: God is on a mission. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the plan from the time when Jesus rose to be with his Father to when he will return again, is Mission. For people to hear about Jesus, his death and resurrection, and to turn from rebellion against God to Jesus, and so receive forgiveness in his name.

Why not come along and get caught up in God’s Mission with us? Also, God willing, it’s our last Sunday at the Library, before we move here on the 3rd of Feb (but more about that next week)!!!

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