The Christmas Gift… That Nobody Wanted

shutterstock_79601152 baby on doorstepChristmas time is all about the positive.  Generosity, good will, gift-giving.  And as you dig back into the Christian Christmas tradition you see that this positive message of Christmas actually begins with God, and the amazing gift of His Son Jesus, as we remember it on Christmas Day.

However, if that’s our only focus – on God and his great gifts – we can be fooled into thinking we’re ok.  Sometimes it’s worth pausing to think about what Christmas tells us about ourselves?  Unfortunately, it’s not such a pretty picture.

While Jesus was well received early on, we soon had enough of Him, like a child who quickly tires of playing with his Christmas gifts.  Opposition against him hardened, as people couldn’t handle the truth he came to tell: that without God, we are all on a path to hell.  And so at just 33 years of age, we – humanity – strung God up on a cross, and killed him.  What does that tell you about us?  Well deep inside we have a problem.  We are biased against God.  We don’t want Him.

You see, it’s only when we sit and dwell on that part of the message, that we can actually see the true wonder of the Christmas.  The great news, as Jesus came into our world, God as a baby boy, is that he didn’t come to judge us for how we treated God, but to offer us a way back into relationship.  As Jesus hung on that cross, he took our place, experiencing the end that we deserve.  That’s God’s Christmas gift.  Do you want it?

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