New Series – Light in the Darkness


Things are not always as they first appear.  Navigating through life in this world we must make choices.  Who to love and what to hate.  What to pursue and who to ignore.  What to give our lives to.  Both good luck and misfortune dot our path.  And as we live our lives and make our choices, we might think we see clearly.

But what if we were wrong?  The apostle John makes the bold claim, as he records for us his version of Jesus life story, that the world is a dark dark place and that Jesus coming is the one moment of light in the dark story of human history.  And yet no-one wanted the light, so they snuffed it out.  Would you welcome the light if it shone on your life?

At MAKE, beginning on the 14th of October, we’ll be letting the light of Jesus’ life shine as we work through the first half of John’s record of Jesus life.  We’ll be considering his appearance and his identity, examining his signs and thinking about his testimony. We’ll be wondering why he was hated and preparing for the ultimate display of his glory.

Are we really living in darkness?  Come and find out 4pm Sundays…

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