The Christian Message is Awesome News, So Why Aren't There More Christians?

Basically, left to our own devices we suck more than we can ever imagine and have made our Maker really really angry with our constant obsession with ourselves.  Yet, God doesn’t ask us to fix things up, he does it all for us (we couldn’t do it anyway), and would have us simply to receive his kindness.

So why don’t we?  Well there’s lots of answers we could give to that question. But often we have real intellectual problems with the message.  Can we trust it?  How can it be that God’s kindness only comes through Jesus and not through other prophets and holy people?  Do we really need this message in modern society?  Do we really suck?

At MAKE we’re going to be answering some of those questions – but right now, we need to know what your questions are.  Our survey will be open for two more days, it will take you less than 2 minutes to fill out and you can get to it here.

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