War, and other signs that things aren't quite right

This Wednesday 25th April, as a nation we’ll celebrate the dedication of those who died for us at war.  And rightly so.  The peace we currently enjoy, is due to their sacrifice.

Yet at same time, thinking about war reminds us that things aren’t quite right in this world of ours.

In a couple of weeks time at MAKE, we’ll be thinking about Deuteronomy 19-22, where there’s a list of instructions for a whole range of situations where things are not quite right.  What to do when someone is murdered accidentally (the example is given of a a loose axe head flying into someones head), how to slaughter in wartime and how those who lie in the courtroom are to be dealt with (the good old ‘eye for an eye’ saying comes out).

Now the actual instructions are quite shocking to our modern ears, but a perspective shared both then and now, is that each of the situations are not the ideal.  When someone dies, there is always someone left behind to mourn their loss.  Yet, when someone lies under oath, justice needs to be exercised.

The good news of the New Testament is that Jesus stepped into our messy world and that he takes all of our pain and experiences it himself.  He becomes a shelter for all who would run to him, he opens the door to lasting peace through his death and he promises to bring final justice at his second coming.

So this ANZAC day, while we remember those who have died for us, let’s also remember the one who has brought about lasting peace, who promises us a world where everything will be set right.

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