Bible Study Groups Kick Off!!

Bible Study groups start tonight!!!  And we’re excited!  Why?

Well, because Bible study groups are such a great way to get to know each other (to laugh, discuss, chat, eat, empathise etc.) and…

… because at MAKE we love thinking.  We love trying to get our heads around the bible, trying to make sense of this mammoth piece of literature.   It’s so varied – poems, narratives of battle, letters, love songs…  and yet it all tells one clear story.  But it is not a mere intellectual exercise.   For if it does not change our perception of God and our relating to him then we’ve missed the beauty of the whole exercise.

And really our bible study groups are an extension of what is heard and done on Sundays.  Why not come along and check it out –  4pm Sundays, Gordon White Library Mount Pleasant.

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