The Heart of the Matter

Our hearts are funny things.

I don’t mean our physical beating hearts, but our hearts as the centre of our being, the place where our thoughts and emotions spring from.  Many times our hearts respond rightly – we rejoice in good gifts we enjoy, we ache at injustice and we have compassion on those hurting around us.  Yet at other times our hearts just aren’t in it.  We don’t feel excited about things we should feel excited about, we don’t feel grieved about things we should and sometimes our hearts even stop us from receiving words of advice that deep down we know we needed to hear.

At MAKE, we’re going to be hearing talks from the book of Deuteronomy.  It’s a book about life, as God explains how his people were to live thousands of years ago.  And through it, God has a message for us, thousands of years later, about our hearts.  He cares about where our are heart is at.  And he knows that ultimately we can’t make our hearts work right.  So he wants us to look to him to change our hearts, to soften our hearts – to ultimately give us new hearts.

Come along, 4pm Sunday’s at the Gordon White Library to hear more.  We’d love to you see you there.  (And don’t worry if you’re not the churchy type, you’ll fit in fine!)

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