Plans for 2012?

The start of a new year is a great time to make some plans.  At MAKE we’ll be doing some planning together during the first few months of the year.  You might be making plans of your own.  But the question is do we have the right plans?  Are we planning for the right things?  How would God have us to plan?

Here’s a video sermon we listened to last Sunday at church about planning from the book of Proverbs.   It’s got lots of great practical stuff to help you think about planning.  Also this Sunday we’ll be hearing from John Spranklin, currently a student at Sydney Missionary and Bible College, who’ll speak to us from the book of James about planning, pride and wealth.

Both biblical books in their own way encourage us to have humility in our planning.  They help us to realise that God is the only one whose plans always work out.  The key is to not have our confidence and self-worth in our plans and whether they work out.  But instead to trust God’s plan – his Son crucified for us.

Happy planning!

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