One Big Happy Family

It seems strange, even impossible these days to talk about being one big happy family with any kind of seriousness.  Especially in reference to church.  Maybe it doesn’t even sound appealing because we’ve only had poor experiences of family.  But God’s vision of one big happy family under a Perfect Father is, I think, something very desirable.

At church on Sunday’s, we’ve been slowly working our way through Ephesians.  A great letter with a great vision of what God is up to at this stage in human history.  Ephesians 1:10 sums it up well  – ‘to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ’ (NIV).

It’s a vision to bring together a new community.  A community that’s united, that’s for each other and that’s living with honesty and integrity.  And of course, that kind of community only comes when it’s centred around someone who is true to themselves, who doesn’t have any inconsistencies and who loves others deeply – ie. God:  Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Over the next period at church, we’ll go from this big picture vision to the details.  Why not come along and hear from God with us, about his plan to create one big happy family?

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