Public Launch – 24th of July

If you live in Mackay you might get this invite in the mail in the next couple of days…

… either way, we’d love to see you on the 24th at the Gordon White Library, Mt Pleasant.

4 thoughts on “Public Launch – 24th of July

    1. Ha, well praise God for that. Yeah, the flyers were designed by these guys (I can give you the name of the actual designer if you’re interested). Logo was begun by us, but added to by previously mentioned designer and web-site was us too. Just havin’ a hack for the glory of God 😉

      1. Great flyer. How did your launch go Jai? We are planning ours, maybe late Oct. Did you do any other ‘special things’ on the 24th? Did you get many new people that day? Part of Todd Hall’s church The Exchange in Shepparton. Cheers Barbs Hall (we met in Canberra).

  1. Hi Barbs. Good to hear from you. Hope things are going well for you guys. On 24th was pretty normal service, apart from having free BBQ afterwards. Also it was a push for us to get things like flag and a-frame for the front of church and also to get a visitors book and welcome bags together. We had a bunch of new folks who came along on the day, some visiting from other churches, some friends invited by guys in launch team and one from the flyer. So we were thankful to God with how it went. In his provision we’ve continued to have new folks show up most weeks, some friends and family visiting town, but some folks who’ve found us on the web and come along. Keep seeking Jesus 🙂

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