Want To Be Part Of Something Great?

We all want to be part of something great don’t we?  It’s part of the reason we join up with the latest fads and fashion, whether it be buying an iPhone or getting a tattoo.  We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves, to be on the inside of the crowd where it is at.

This week we’re looking at Acts 8 where suddenly it’s the ‘in’ thing to believe and be baptised.   A magician named Simon is used to being part of whatever people are digging, so naturally he believes and is baptised too.   Then the next cool thing that happens is the apostles come and lay hands on people and they receive the Holy Spirit of God.  Simon is impressed and offers to pay good money for a training course so he can get in on the action.

And that’s when he finds out that this thing is bigger than he bargained for.  This is not just another wave of human perception of what’s cool and what’s not.  No this ‘in’ thing is here to stay and greater than any other fad or fashion, because it’s from God.  In fact rather than making it’s adherents look cool and together, this fad makes them look kind of half baked and unimpressive.  But they don’t care, they’re just thankful to be in on the action.  Because you see, you don’t get ‘in’ by paying your money or lining up at the store.  This fad or fashion is a gift.  As soon as you try paying your way in, you show that you are out.

Man I’m glad to be part of something really great.

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