The Road Ahead – part 2

To pick up from where I left a few posts ago, I want to expand on what we are thinking when we say we want to be a vibrant and growing Bible-teaching church.  The first post looked at the Bible-teaching part.  This one will tackle ‘vibrant’.

We do not want to be a church that is judgmental or that lives a dry orthodoxy.  We desire to be a vibrant people of whom others might remark – ‘they really love Jesus’.  We want to be a people who rejoice in the Lord and who willingly make sacrificial decisions in following Jesus because of an experiential appreciation of the joy set before us.  Part of this vibrancy will be shown in our willingness, having been overwhelmed by the humility of Jesus service of others, to love people who are not like us and to reach across social boundaries, from transient miners to local Mackay residents and from younger to older.

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