The Road Ahead – part 1

As we look ahead to what Mackay Evangelical Church could become under God’s hand, ‘the vibe’ we are aiming for is to be a vibrant, growing and Bible-teaching church.  Over the next three posts I hope to explain this vision with broad brush strokes.  First off, we want to be a Bible-teaching church:

The foundation of the church needs to be the Bible, which reveals Jesus the chief cornerstone (Ephesians 2:20).  We want to be a church that loves Jesus and it is through the Bible that we meet Jesus, in whom God is revealed to us.  Everything we do must be built on this foundation and we want to be a people who trust God to be working powerfully through his words, as his Spirit works amongst us.

At a bare minimum this will be expressed through keeping the reading of the Bible central to our meetings, both small and large, and also through expositional preaching and teaching through books of the Bible, seeking to proclaim Jesus.  This will allow us to structurally express our conviction that we must humbly submit to the words of God, rather than subtly twisting them to say what we want to hear.

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