Effective Evangelism

A mate of mine at Moore Theological College, Jonathon, is also planning to plant a new Church next year, but for him the location is a multi-cultural inner west suburb of Sydney – Canterbury.  Yet in a recent post on their church plant website, he outlined a mission strategy that I reckon can work just about anywhere: saying hi!

Now I don’t think I can make it sound as impressive as he does, but I am convinced of the importance of getting to know people in the local community outside our churches.  I’ve been regularly door-knocking a block of units across the road from where I currently live and although it’s a unique kind of relationship, they are relationships that God has allowed me to form through this regular ministry of saying ‘hi’.  And through relationships we can share the love of God in our actions, in particular by sharing the message of God’s love, the life giving message of Jesus death and resurrection.

So I’m with Jonathon.  Saying ‘hi’ is a good strategy.

2 thoughts on “Effective Evangelism

  1. Nice website, Jai. I’d love to know more of your vision for church planting in Mackay.
    Would it be worth offering comments boxes on your beliefs pages, so people can interact with you about them?

    1. Thanks Jonathon. I’m hoping to get vision stuff posted in the near future. See what I can do on the extra comments boxes – thanks for the tip.

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