Why Does Mackay Need a New Church? Part 3: Miners

Mackay’s population is booming largely on the back of mining operations in the Bowen Basin.  Miners have a huge impact on Mackay as a town, having high incomes, being transient and shift working.  Yet, what are Mackay churches doing to reach out to miners with the gospel?  If you know, I’d love to hear about it!

We’ve heard some churches starting play groups for mums with young kids and in this way seeking to provide for wives whose husbands spend days at a time in the mines.  Awesome!  We hope that as a new church we can think through how to structure our life together in such a way that we are accessible to miners and to think about how we can serve the mining community.

5 thoughts on “Why Does Mackay Need a New Church? Part 3: Miners

  1. hi I am a christian of over50 yrs I traind as a nurse midwife to go to go and work in Africa.in my lat4 40s i fdid a teacher training cert and acourse in creative studies we started an out reach in my local church running a free craft course we called ourselves the mustard seed group and the seed did grow into a bush .2yrs ago I lost my husband and as my son and his family arre moving to the Mackay area from the UK i am coming with them. I will be looking for ways of serving my Lord and would be willing to help in a church plant by running an outreach group for women and young people.Please pray that our move will be quick and smooth .yours in Jesus name CarolHassall . Although I am a senior citizen (65) i am still able to make my contribution.

    1. Hey Peter. Yeah I did watch the program. I thought it was very interesting. I’m hoping to post on it today or tomorrow. You beat me to it! Hope we get the chance to chat soon.

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