Why Does Mackay Need a New Church? Part 1: Population Growth

Mackay is one of the larger regional centres in Australia (21st largest), with over 80,000 people in the town and up to 140,000 people in the surrounding area.  Further it is one of the fastest growing areas in Australia, largely on the back of the mining boom (Bowen Basin Coal deposit), with more expansions just announced.  3,139 people moved to Mackay in the last year, with the population of the region having increased by more than 25,000 since 2001.  Currently construction is under way to extend the main shopping centre in town, which will provide 3,500 jobs, with 650 ongoing retails jobs.  Thus Mackay is in need of new churches to be planted to make the good news about the Lord Jesus known to the growing population.

2 thoughts on “Why Does Mackay Need a New Church? Part 1: Population Growth

  1. Similar things could be said of most of NQ’s centres — significant population growth, not matched by new ministries. On the ground, that translates to large new developments at the edges of those towns with no church witness present – mini ‘unreached people groups’.

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