Mackay Evangelical Church (MAKE) was planted in 2011 with the aim to be a vibrant, growing, bible teaching church. There are links to your right side of the page where you can find out about our history and core beliefs. This post explains the vision for MAKE.


Why Vibrant?

We do not want to be a church that is judgmental or that lives a dry orthodoxy. We desire to be a vibrant people of whom others might remark – ‘they really love Jesus’. Part of this vibrancy will be shown in our willingness to love people who are not like us and to reach across social boundaries.

Why Growing?

We want to be a growing church- growing individually as God’s people, into all maturity in Christ.

Why Bible Teaching?

The foundation of the church needs to be the Bible. We want to be a church that loves Jesus and it is through the Bible that we meet Jesus, in whom God is revealed to us. At a minimum this will be expressed through keeping the reading of the Bible central to our meetings, both small and large, and also through expositional preaching and teaching through books of the Bible, seeking to proclaim Jesus.

Why Jesus?

Jesus came into our world to live a life on our behalf, die a death in our place and rise again from the grave to offer us a new life with Him. This is the good news that has saved us, transformed us and swept us up into a whole new family (the church). Our passion here at MAKE is to share that good news here in Mackay.

What do we do at church?

Sunday Service

We meet at the Fitzgerald State School Hall (Norris Road, North Mackay). We hear from God’s word, ask questions, pray, sing and share some food. We kick off at 4pm followed by just over an hour of teaching, prayer, hearing the bible read and singing.

Kids head out at the start of church for Kids Church where they dig into the bible and have anything from raps, videos, skits and more to reinforce the teaching and have fun. We think it’s important to provide age appropriate teaching for the kids but if you prefer for your kids to be with you during the service that is fine too. We have creche for those little ones.

We share afternoon tea together after church (and pizza on the first Sunday of the month) and the kids are served a kids dinner.

Come as you are! No church experience required

Kids Church

We now have four age groups:

  • Creche is for babies from when they are sitting/crawling (and when you think they’re ready!) to about kindy age. This time is loosely structured with a song, short picture story and lots of play.
  • Prep-Yr2/3 (plus toddlers who are up to joining in) are taught a Bible lesson using Serious Play CEP material as well as getting to enjoy clay modelling, pictionary, cooking and games to reinforce the teaching.
  • Yr3/4-Yr6/7 are also taught using the Over The Top CEP material (which includes lots of games/different teaching styles to reinforce learning) substituted with some topical teaching that tackles common preteen issues like: acceptance, popularity and friendship.
  • Youth  are catered for by a great group of young people, after church from 6 to 7:30pm, to meet up with them to read the Bible.

Bible Studies

We have a number of groups meeting to help us to understand the Bible better for ourselves, to encourage each other to apply this in our day to day lives and to love each other in whatever circumstances we are in. We currently have mixed groups meeting on Wednesday and Thursday evening and a men’s group on Tuesdays. Two of these groups meet in Mount Pleasant and one in West Mackay. This is a great chance to get to know each other better, support each other, to read the Bible and pray together. Contact Jai on 0429 852 949 if you’d like more details or are keen to come along.

Daytime Woman’s Bible Study

For those women who can’t get out of the house at night, we meet Tuesday Mornings at 9:00am. God willing we will have someone to help look out for any kids who are there so that we can chat, study and pray.

Who are Jai and Jay-Ellen?

j wright

Jai and his wife Jay-Ellen moved to Mackay at the start of 2011 to gather together that small group and have really enjoyed getting to know the place and the people!  Jai and Jay have a vision for starting new churches and a love for country Queensland which goes hand in hand with a strong desire to share the good news of Jesus.  Jai did 2 years of full time ministry training at UniChurch Qld(Brisbane) and then spent four years in Sydney where he studied at Moore Theological College completing a Bachelor of Divinity.  During this time Jay-Ellen invested in their three young children, Amber, Ebony and Kade and sought to see their family thrive!  They have seen God’s hand building this church in so many ways and are super excited to be in Mackay sharing God’s love ultimately seen in Jesus!  We encourage you to come and join us each week as we seek to be a vibrant and growing, Bible-teaching church.